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How can I download saved videos from my MeShare Camera?

posted this on December 22, 2014 10:44AM

Please follow the steps below:

a.  Download IPCSearch at the following link: http://support.meshare.com/assets/media/IPCSearch_Setup.exe

Run IPCSearch to find the IP address of the MeShare Camera.

Step 1


b.  Log in to the web interface of the MeShare Camera using Internet Explorer (right click the shortcut and run the program as Administrator) by entering the IP address found in IPCSearch into the address bar. Log in with your username and password (the default username is admin and the default password is 111111).

Step 2


c.  This is the main page of the MeShare Camera web interface.

Click the Playback buttonPlayback button.

Step 3


d.  In the Playback interface, set the ‘Time’ field to the time of the desired clip. Then click ‘Search’. Select the desired clip from the results list.

Step 4


e.   Right click the desired clip and select ‘Download’ to save the file to your computer. The file format of the video is MP4. The default save location is “C:\zfiles\”

Step 5

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