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How do I turn push alerts for motion on or off?

posted this on December 24, 2014 04:03AM

Within the MeShare app in the My MeShare device list screen, select the live feed of your camera. Open up the device settings by pressing the gear icon in the top right corner of the live feed screen. You can toggle “Push Alerts” on or off in the general settings. In iOS you toggle “Motion Detection” on or off in the alert settings. Both do the same thing, which is turn on or off push alerts to your phone when motion is detected.

You can also toggle alerts on or off via logging into http://user.meshare.com/. Within the My Devices page, select the alerts for your camera by clicking on the text bubble icon under the thumbnail for your camera. Then you can toggle push alerts on and off within the alerts page. Push alerts are on when the toggle is red and the white circle is on the right, and they are off when the toggle is greyed out and the white circle is on the left. You can also access the alerts page from your device’s live feed online by clicking “Alerts” above the live feed. 

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