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How do I remove a camera from my account?

posted this on December 24, 2014 03:51AM

Through the MeShare app, enter the “Edit Devices” menu from the top right of the “My MeShare” screen. Press the minus sign next to the device you would like to delete. Then click on the trash can to delete the device. 

In the iOS version of the MeShare app, in the My Meshare device list, simply hold down on the thumnail of the camera you wish to remove from your account. A "Delete Device" popup will come up. Click that popup to delete the device and remove it from your account.

You can also delete a device via the Meshare webpage. Log in to http://user.meshare.com/ and go to "My Account" by clicking the person icon in the top right corner. You can click "Remove From Account" for any device there that you wish to remove. 

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